AERPAW Community Workshop 2023

Venue: Duke Energy Hall, Hunt Library, Centennial Campus, NC State University

Date: May 8-11, 2023

NSF AERPAW Community Workshop 2023 will be held on May 8-11, 2023, as an in-person event at the Centennial Campus of NC State University.

The main focus for ACW 2023 will be the training of graduate students who are interested in using the NSF AERPAW platform in their research. We expect to receive travel support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to compensate for the hotel and airfare expenses of eligible students who reside within the United States. Any student who is interested in requesting travel funding is required to submit a signed letter of support from their advisor that explains how the ACW 2023 will help the student with their research. Other attendees are also welcome to apply for the workshop using the application link below, and if selected, they will be expected to cover their own travel expenses.

ACW 2023 will be a 3.5-day event. The first three days of the event will involve hands-on training sessions and tutorials that will expose the attendees to AERPAW’s emulation and development environment. The attendees will carry out various different sample experiments to program AERPAW unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) as well as software-defined radios (SDRs). In particular, workshop participants will work with example experiments that involve UAV mission planning, 4G and 5G systems, channel sounding, I/Q data collection, a commercial Ericsson network, and Keysight RF sensors. The attendees will log in to the AERPAW development environment through the experimenter portal and they will be allocated resources to carry out emulation experiments for various scenarios.

The last half-day day of the workshop, weather permitting, will be a demo day when a series of outdoor experiments will be carried out with UAVs and radio equipment in Lake Wheeler Field Farms. The software of selected attendees developed during the training sessions are also expected to get deployed for execution in the testbed mode. More information about the demo day including a separate registration link will be announced in the future.

Dates and Timeline

  • Application Deadline: March 10, 2023 March 15, 2023
  • Advisor’s Letter due: March 10, 2023 March 15, 2023
  • Decision Notification: March 20, 2023 March 22, 2023
  • ACW 2023 Dates: May 8-11, 2023 (the event will end by noon on May 11th)

We will also release and announce AERPAW’s Phase-2 platform features during the ACW 2023 event. AERPAW will align the ACW 2023 event with the initial phase of a UAV Programming Competition for which a call for participation will be announced later in Spring 2023.

Application: Interested attendees can apply for the event and will be notified whether they are selected to participate. Due to the limited number of development resources available for training, we expect that the maximum number of attendees will be around 40. Applications from groups that are underrepresented in electrical and computer engineering and computer science are specifically encouraged. All applications should be submitted here before March 15, 2023, to be taken into full consideration.

Venue, Parking, and Hotel Reservations: To be announced.

Event schedule: To be announced.