Scroll down past “About AERPAW” for Notice of Scheduled Unavailability June 30th – July 5th

AERPAW is a $24 million grant, awarded by the PAWR Project Office on behalf of the National Science Foundation, to develop an advanced wireless research platform, led by North Carolina State University, in partnership with Wireless Research Center of North Carolina, Mississippi State University and Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; additional partners include Town of Cary, City of Raleigh, North Carolina Department of Transportation, Purdue University, University of South Carolina, and many other academic, industry and municipal partners. You may learn more about AERPAW in the following article: NC State Named a Hotspot for 5G Innovation. For experimenters interested to use AERPAW, the User Manual of AERPAW can be accessed here.

Scheduled Unavailability Notice:

To perform some necessary and pending maintenance and migration of the AERPAW Data and Compute Store (DCS) and Backplane over the upcoming long weekend, access from the public Internet to all parts of the AERPAW facility will be withdrawn starting noon on June 30th, and is expected to be restored sometime between then and July 5th 11:00am. During the maintenance window, the virtual environment servers are not expected to be shut down, and any machines, containers or processes running at any node at the beginning of the window should continue to run when the testbed is back online.  However, any remote session (such as remote login, ssh, OVP, etc) that are active at the beginning of the window will be disrupted, and as usual may leave something inconsistent as a result.  Please aim to have no such active remote connections by the beginning of the window.

When service is restored, we will inform the user community through emails and our website.  We appreciate the support of our user community.

AERPAW Platform Vision

AERPAW Technical Overview

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