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April 2022: LTE I/Q Measurements at Multiple UAV Heights

Lead Experimenter

Ozgur Ozdemir, North Carolina State University

Link to Dataset

  • Dataset Link: The dataset includes I/Q samples from an srsRAN 4G LTE eNB at 3.5 GHz and GPS logs. The data is captured at a UAV flying at Lake Wheeler Field Labs at 5 different altitudes. SigMF format dataset including format conversion codes can be accessed here [IEEE DataPort]
  • Post Processing Code: Post-processing codes for the data to generate representative results can be accessed here [download].
  • Data Summary:
    • I/Q samples at drone height 30 m [download]

    • I/Q samples at drone height 50 m [download]

    • I/Q samples at drone height 70 m [download]

    • I/Q samples at drone height 90 m [download]

    • I/Q samples at drone height 110 m [download]


Equipment and Software Used

LAM carrying LPN, USRP B205mini, UHD2 IQ collection software, SE1 LTE SISO software


These experiments collect IQ samples at different drone heights to measure RSRP. This dataset is used to investigate national radio dynamic zone (NRDZ) research. Experiments are executed at AERPAW 's Lake Wheeler Road Field Lab using the LW1 fixed node. The photos of the LW1 fixed, drone carrying a portable node, and some representative results are provided below.


  1. S. J. Maeng, O. Ozdemir, I. Guvenc, M. Sichitiu, R. Dutta, M. Mushi, AERIQ: SDR-Based LTE I/Q Measurement and Analysis Framework for Air-to-Ground Propagation Modeling, submitted to Proc. IEEE Aerosp. Conf., Big Sky, MT, Mar 2023.

Representative Results

  • Pictures in the Experiment: a drone flies Lake Wheeler Site
    Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 21 12 20
  • Result figures
    Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 21 17 45
    (Left) a drone trajctory and signal strength in 3D over Google, (Center) drone trajectories with different heights in 3D view, and (Right) the change of UAV speed during flights
    Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 21 17 52
    (Left) RSRP as a function of time with different heights, (Center) RSRP as a function of distance, and (Right) an estimated channel in the frequency domain.


Potential use cases for this dataset include:

  • Air-to-Ground Propagation Modeling
  • LTE Network Extension
  • Enhancements to LTE Receiver Processing Chain
  • Decoding of LTE Control and Data Channels
  • Channel Estimation and Prediction in Time and Frequency