February Update

February Update

IEEE Communications Magazine is hosting a Feature Topic on Experimentation in Large Scale Wireless Community Testbeds: https://www.comsoc.org/publications/magazines/ieee-communications-magazine/cfp/experimentation-large-scale-wireless 

Papers based on experiments carried out in PAWR platforms, including AERPAW, are explicitly highlighted in the call for papers. We would like to encourage you to submit your current or future research to this special issue. We will be happy to continue supporting your related experiments and research at AERPAW as needed. 

We are excited  to formally release our Phase-2 platform features and the footprint that includes five fixed nodes in Lake Wheeler Field Farms, as well as its corresponding digital twin environment. We hope they will offer an attractive environment to support your research with autonomous UAVs and advanced wireless systems. 

 AERPAW recently concluded its AFAR challenge where an autonomous UAV was tasked to localize a rover on the ground. Some details about the challenge can be found here: 


We plan to release a new competition later in Fall, we hope you will consider participating. 

AERPAW Experimental profiles:

Drone Operation Center: 

As part of closing out the second phase of testbed deployment, the AERPAW team is preparing to install a new Drone Operations Center (DOC) at Lake Wheeler Field Laboratory. The DOC will provide power, connectivity, and storage for AERPAW drone operators as well as better sight lines for drone flights from the trailer’s rooftop observation deck. The DOC includes workstations inside, system control and safety features, flood lighting, perimeter cameras, and a thermal camera mounted on an electronically controlled mast. (See below)

Watch a video tour of the DOC on YouTube.