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August 2023 Helikite Spectrum Measurements (Packapalooza)

Lead Experimenter

Ozgur Ozdemir, North Carolina State University

Link to Dataset

  • Dataset Link: The dataset includes power spectrum measurements and GPS logs that are collected at a Helikite in an urban environment. The SigMF format dataset including format conversion codes can be accessed here [Dryad].
  • Post Processing Code: Post-processing Matlab codes for the dataset to generate representative results can be accessed here [download].

Equipment and Software Used

LPN on Helikite, USRP B205mini on LPN, UHD1 Spectrum monitoring software


We float the helikite-mounted software-defined radio (SDR) and global positioning system (GPS) receivers around 90 minutes from noon during NC State’s Packapalooza festival in August 2023. The helikite holds a low altitude of around 5 m for 45 minutes and then flies up to around 140 m. After the helikite holds height for a few minutes, it gradually goes down to the ground. The spectrum is swept up to 6 GHz. A single spectrum sweeping takes around 15 seconds and a total of 364 sweeping is executed during the experiment.


    Representative Results

    Potential use cases for this dataset include:

    • Enhancing Spectrum Management
    • Environmental and Geographical Analysis of Spectrum
    • Spectrum Occupancy Modeling at all sub-6 GHz Bands