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February 2022: CC1, CC2, LW1 Spectrum Measurements

Lead Experimenter

Ozgur Ozdemir, North Carolina State University

Link to Dataset

  • Dataset Link: This dataset includes spectrum occupancy measurements at CC1 (link to dataset), CC2 (link to dataset), and LW1 (link to dataset) fixed nodes over a period of one week. AERPAW team is working on automating the spectrum occupancy measurements and releasing the data periodically through in the future.

Equipment and Software Used

USRP B205mini on fixed Aerpaw node, UHD1 Spectrum monitoring software


In this experiment, spectrum measurements are carried out at the AERPAW fixed nodes CC1, CC2, and LW1, for a period of 1 week, for 24 hours every day. The USRP B205mini continuously sweeps the spectrum up to 6 GHz and power measurements at each frequency band are logged. The results are post-processed in Matlab to observe the spectrum occupancy at different bands, and we observe the effect of different days/hours of the week on spectrum occupancy as well as the specific urban/rural locations of the fixed nodes on the spectrum occupancy.


  1. S. J. Maeng, O. Ozdemir, H. Nandakumar, I Guvenc, M. Sichitiu, R. Dutta, and M. J. Mushi, "Spectrum Activity Monitoring and Analysis for Sub-6 GHz Bands Using a Helikite", in Proc. IEEE Testbeds for Advanced Systems Implementation and Research (TASIR) Workshop, Bengaluru, India, Jan. 2023.

Representative Results

You can access representative results on the spectrum occupancy can be viewed here: CC1, CC2, LW1.

  • Result figures
    Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 21 25 51(Left) Spectrum occupancy at CC1, CC2, LW1, at Verizon’s Band 13 Uplink LTE band for a representative day; and (Right) Spectrum occupancy at CC1, CC2, LW1, at Verizon’s Band 13 Downlink LTE band for a representative day. Both spectrum results are post-processed using a moving average filter. CC1 is a lightpole fixed node and CC2 is a rooftop fixed node at NC State Centennial Campus. LW1 is a tower fixed node in Lake Wheeler Field Labs.


Potential use cases for this dataset include:

  • Spectrum Management and Allocation
  • Cognitive Radio Research and Development
  • Regulatory and Policy Research
  • Urban Planning and Smart Cities