March 2023 Update

Datasets, Drone Competition, and Community Workshop updates.


AERPAW project has been releasing new datasets through their website at

Drone Competition: 

AERPAW has released its first student competition with programmable radios and drones: AERPAW Find a Rover (AFAR) Challenge. Further details are available at:  

AERPAW Community Workshop (ACW) 2023:

AERPAW Community Workshop (ACW) will be hosted at the NC State Hunt Library between May 8-11. AERPAW will host over 60 graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members, and researchers, to get trained in AERPAW’s new emulation environment. On May 11, 2023, AERPAW will also host a series of outdoor drone demos (weather conditions permitting). Further details for registering for the in-person drone demo as well as the workshop agenda will be announced at during the week of April 24. 

Rover V2

The new rover has been fully modeled in CAD, and the creature is taking shape. It will be a monster. Hopefully it will be as capable as it seems.

Wireless Emulation V2

The new emulation environment is in integration testing. It will offer full IQ emulation with support for MIMO, antenna patterns, different channel models, noise models, etc.

Flock of SAMs

IEEE SwarmNet 2023

5th IEEE Workshop on Wireless Networking, Planning, and Computing for UAV Swarms

PIMRC 2023 will be held in person

PIMRC 2023 conference will be held in person 5 – 8 September 2023, in Toronto, Canada.

Authors with an accepted paper who will not be allowed to travel abroad due to strict national rules or Visa issues at the time of the conference will be given the opportunity to present their accepted work remotely.

If you are interested to learn more and be part of the workshop click here

You can also contact Vuk Marojevic
Mississippi State University, USA