September 2021

NSF AERPAW Fall 2021 Event schedule includes a tour of the AERPAW experimentation areas, drone flight and software-defined radio experiment demo (weather conditions permitting), three-panel sessions that will discuss how AERPAW can be used for advanced wireless and drone experimentation, hands-on training sessions, poster sessions, and a 6GNC meeting.
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August 2021

The AERPAW team hosted visitors from the Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center (MELIC). The AERPAW team had a demo of the drone and SDR experiments in the Lake Wheeler Field Labs (see the photo below), while the MELIC representatives presented their views and recent efforts related to mid-range drone delivery.
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May 2021

This month we installed Ericsson 4G/5G RAN equipments at the Lake Wheeler site (LWL) and the Core equipments at the AERPAW Network Control Center (NCC) at NCSU Centennial campus, and integrated with the AERPAW fiber backplane (backhaul) between the LWL site and AERPAW NCC.
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February 2021

Olusiji Medaiyese from UoL visited NC State University and worked with AERPAW pilots to collect data from various different drones and other RF sources using a high sampling oscilloscope from Keysight that was made available to them for their experiments.
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